"Every Successful Person Has a Mentor, a Guide, a Coach Who Holds Them Accountable for Their Stated Intent and
Helps Them Be the Best They Truly Can Be!".

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Having joined Peter Thomson's Mentoring Group I immediately felt my business going in directions I'd never thought was possible. The support has been so valuable especially when there's only me, my last call with Steve Harrison.

Well, has just taken my breath away.

He took my thinking about myself to a completely new level in 5 seconds flat. He's my mentor, support and 'machete between the eyes man.' If you really want to think differently, shift gear and go places, then stop pecking around with the turkeys and fly with the eagles. I am and I urge you to do the same.
Kate Rigby
THIS STUFF WORKS... I ran my big webinar yesterday. The sales pitch has never been my strong point, but I applied everything I've learned from Peter Thomson and Steve Harrison and I made 23 sales yesterday. That's 23 sales for a downloadable set of products and earned £6,785. The whole thing is recorded and being repeated next week through Evergreen so it will be interesting to see how many sales I can make whilst I'm sitting around the pool in Spain. Happy to share exactly what I did to make nearly £7k in an hour. And thank you to Peter and Steve for all your help
Mark Wickersham
On Friday 16th March I attended the monthly mentoring session, during the session Peter shared with us the power of effective Intros and Outros

On Tuesday 23rd March I spoke at a recruitment summit as a favour for a friend, using the Intro and Outro techniques shared by Peter 52 potential clients booked appointments into my calendar for 1-2-1 sessions. If only 10% of those convert into clients that will be worth a minum of 30k in the next 5 months

Thank you so much to whole of the team for sharing some great stuff-awesome..!
Terry Edwards
I left my career in Marketing last year to pursue my passion for nutrition and start my own business. All the conditions were right but I wasn't prepared for the complete feeling of overwhelm and confusion I felt in the first few months.
I thought my marketing and corporate experience would carry me through but this was very different from what I'd imagined...

Since being part of Peter's mentoring programme I've felt really supported and that I had a 'structure' to help me move forward. Having access to all this knowledge, feedback and encouragement has enabled me to achieve things much faster (and avoiding many mistakes I'm sure!) than I could possibly have done by myself. My first workshop brought in £2000, which is a very good start, and I'm already building on that, looking to systemise my process (to attract clients to my weight loss programme) by creating a webinar programme. Without Peter's help, and importantly, the wealth of tips and information I glean each month from all the fantastic people in the group, I wouldn't even have know where to start. I really feel I have no reason not to succeed now!
Angela Steele
Since joining the mentoring group I ran a webinar. I started promoting it less than 2 working days before. I posted an announcement on 5 of my own LinkedIn groups (I didn't post on anybody else's groups) plus one email on the Monday to members. 89 people registered. LESSON 1 - you CAN fill a webinar within 48 hours of it starting.

I advertised it as a 60 minute webinar. It ended up lasting 1 hour and 44 minutes. 69 people turned up for the webinar and 66 were still there an hour later. Then within minutes it dropped to 55. LESSON 2 - if you tell people it will last a certain time and you exceed that they may plan other things in their diary and be forced to drop out. And we generated £6,800 of sales on the day.
Mark Wickersham
Since joining the Mentoring Group and applying the ideas my subscribers have gone from from 7 to 136 and I anticipate similar growth next year.
Marianne Cowdrey
We joined the mentoring course because we felt we were stuck in the same old groove and needed some new ideas to improve our business.

We were not disappointed. We now have so many ideas. The one I feel has made the most financially beneficial as yet is the re-writing of our monthly offer letters.

We run weekly training course and the number of delegates attending has doubled since we changed, increasing our turnover by at least £32,000. As our competition offer similar courses for free, we are very pleased with this increase.
Chris & Lynda Chanin
Let me give you some advice right now - right here!

Don't talk to these guys if you want your life to run without frustration!

The frustration of SITTING on an extra £7500 per month without even knowing it; the frustration of getting 5 extra great ideas that will enhance my business with a minimum of work and the biggest frustration of all – being in business for all these years of struggle not knowing that the answer was staring me in the face.
Jeff Pettitt
Being 'The Export Expert' I work with multi-million international companies to help them grow their global business. Before I joined Peter's mentoring programme, I did a lot of thinking, looked at where else I could spend my money and what the outcome and profitability would be for me and my company...and I told Peter this up front.

Taking the time for my own business, instead of always focusing on everyone else's, has given us the impetus to be bolder, plan for the future, create new revenue streams and most importantly for us, use Peter's influence to create high-level contacts to further develop our business. We are now focused on the scalability within our business and no longer Too Busy Making Money to Make Real Money (as my wife always says)
Gary Jennings
I was too bogged down in being "busy" to have made any real progress. In Month 11 I have 19 products of varying value - 9 of which are complete and out there, 4 of which are nearly done, and another 4 in creation.

This focus has been so useful for me personally and the benefit of the group's contribution, Peter's facilitation and Steve's "awesome" monthly calls have combined to make it the best value for money training I have ever attended.
David Hyner
Since investing in the mentoring course with Peter Thomson, I have a greater knowledge of how to run Seminars.

His advice helped me run my first workshop which generated £12,000.

I am also in the process of developing more products

which will net me thousands of pounds in the future.

I would definitely recommend this training to anyone

who is serious about developing their business if they

are a speaker/author/coach.
Bernie De Souza
I used the 'XXXXXXXX' this morning. It really

did make a difference to how the meeting went.

AND when I indicated £XXXX as my day rate

(double what I usually say)

he simply said, "OK well I will have to find the budget won't I?" Eureka moment.

You guys rock – I really do appreciate all those little 'gems'! It's been a long time since I felt this fired up for all sorts of reasons, and having people to kick me like I kick my clients is just what I need.
Diane Dykes
In my first hour with Peter and Steve they opened my eyes to multiple amazing business strategies and one of those strategies that I applied from the very next day has easily earned me around £20,000 more this year alone.

The Mentoring Group really support each other too, our recent visit to Spain opened my eyes to far greater business ideas I wouldn't have dreamed about a year ago.

Apart from having a wealth of experience and knowledge to share they really care about your results as much as you do. I've not only gained a great business mentors but a great friends too.
Stephen Tierney
After my mentoring call I changed the copy to incorporate 'Your Idea' and waited with baited breath.
That one single advert produced 7 full paying clients for my 3 day deal finder event at a ticket price of £3000. WOW 7 x £3,000 = £21,000
I would like to thank you and Peter for your hard work and support.
Paul Ribbons
Since joining the Mentoring Programme I've seen a 110% increase in fees and my First Book was published in December
Peter Lewis
After 12 months of being in the Mentoring Programme, I'm now selling now in 5 Countries and next year I anticipate an increased in income of £70,000 (minimum)
Michael Brook