Clients Say

Peter Thomson is Nightingale Conant's leading UK author – we even export his programmes to the States. Our customers really love his 'down to earth and practical style' and more importantly, he is a true friend of mine.

I've watched him research, test and polish his ideas to constantly add value. It's an amazing process to see.

I even have members of staff who say they could listen to Peter all day (and still stay awake)

So why would I be telling you this?

9 years ago Peter launched The Achievers Edge a monthly audio programme which shares the secrets of success.

It's a great programme and constantly challenges each and every listener to 'raise their game' just a little bit; but on a regular basis. The compounding effect is awesome.

I'd urge you to try The Achievers Edge for a number of reasons.

His ideas are just so powerful, inspiring and positive The programme is extremely cost effective He always adds massive value He is genuinely focused on your success You'll love it and - what do you have to lose?
David Hughes
Managing Director Nightingale Conant UK
Peter's ***-*** idea has earned me a £million by placing my 'products' in their true market context and pricing (up) accordingly.

No more 'Rate per Hour'. Using the ***-*** has made life so much easier and rewarding. No more working out estimated hours and struggling with choosing an 'appropriate' rate per hour. Just think of Peter Thomson, pick a figure and treble it. Then - don't have any regrets when they accept your fee that you have under-quoted!

About 10 years ago, in the week following first hearing Peter Thomson speak about perceived product values and pricing (the ***-**** concept) I was asked to visit xxxxxxx (major company – name withheld by Peter Thomson) to discuss an accounting project.

Travelling down by train, I perceived the job to be chargeable at £3,000, based on my previous charge-out rates. After discussing the project with the Financial Director for some 2 hours, we came to the crunchy bit. How much?

Even today, I have no idea why or how, but whilst my notes said "£3,000" my mouth said "£10,000". With only the merest flicker of an eyelid, the FD said "OK, when can you start?" It just proved to me how powerful Peter Thomson's message is. It even works sub-consciously!

Over the following 10 years, Peter Thomson's pricing techniques lifted my practise to new professional and profitable levels. His ***-**** has not only improved income, but allowed time-off to enjoy a more measured and balanced lifestyle.

I have no hesitation in urging anyone to go and listen to Peter Thomson. It will change their life.
Tristan Maynard
The BCS Partnership Ltd
I knew how to referee and I knew how to be a customer and I knew my vision of wanting to own the best refereeing kit company in the world and with that background I started a mail order referee kit business.

Now you can build a business through trial and error – not to be recommended but a great source of experience (I tried it!). Now you can build a business using the template that your competitors are using – your business grows but you're not becoming the best kit company in the world (I tried it!). Or you can build a business through Peter Thomson's tried and trusted Accelerated Business Growth System (I'm doing it!) It's a no brainer.

I'm delighted to write a few words for Peter (and his team) to say "You have my 100% Risk Free Guarantee that using the Peter Thomson method of business growth you will make more money, have more enjoyment and set the standard in your industry."

Make more money – the business has grown 17.83 times since I took it over. Have more enjoyment – I don't have customers I have friends who allow me to recommend what kit and equipment they should be wearing.

Setting the standard – boy is it a good feeling when your competitors have to wait for you to publish the road map for the coming season so they can try and keep pace.

But here's the kicker – how can they keep pace when I have Peter Thomson in my corner. A simple e-mail to the man will normally unstick any stuckness.

The man talks simple common sense – but it's only common sense after he's revealed it to you!
Jeff Pettitt
A & H International
Out of the 15 speakers at our event Peter was rated Number 1 – by a mile! It was no surprise to hear our delegates say how much they'd enjoyed his down-to-earth presentation, his practical ideas and his warm and friendly style.
Gill Fielding
The Wealth Company
We needed someone to inspire the 3500 attendees of our roadshows and give them some simple tools for business success. Peter's presentation was first class and a learning experience that was enjoyed by everyone who attended.
Graham Boulger
Commercial Director - Paymentshield
I think there are lots of ideas in Achievers Edge that help me in my life. In addition to new thoughts however, one of the key things for me is, it is often a reminder of things I know, but that have got somehow lost, in the hurly burly of my thinking about life.

As an example, recently I was listening to the Edge and Peter talked about the need to live life to the full. Live every week and day as if you are your last. Life has only a finite number of days. Now I know this, there is nothing new here and this idea has influenced me before, in fact this point was only 2 mins of the month's programme.

But those comments and ideas from Peter influenced my life for a week after I listened to the programme. Every day I thought about making the most of my day before that idea submerged itself back into my unconscious thoughts. My week was a whirlwind of particularly rewarding business and personal activity.

I could give you other examples too. So the value of Achievers Edge to me is that it goes beyond being a source of new ideas, it is also a reminder of the basic cornerstone of my self talk. The need to set goals, be positive, think the impossible, celebrate life, influence others by looking at life from their perspective etc etc. It helps me to refocus and check I am really doing the things I believe in.
Daryl Howe
I met Peter Thomson in January 2004 when he conducted a workshop for our senior Directors. We were so impressed with his content and presentation we hired Peter to work with us on a sales and marketing strategy

After only one day he came up with an idea that we thought was electrifying

We implemented the idea in total and committed resources and expenditure to ensure it worked for us.

Since then the idea has made us over £1,2000,000 (GBP) in additional profit!!

We are still using the idea today and it is our constant lead generation strategy

Peter Thomson is undoubtedly the UK's leading sales and marketing strategist and I would recommend to anyone who want to improve their sales and marketing results to use Peter as we have done over the last 2 ½ years

Maris Interiors LLP is the UK's leading office design and fit out specialist with 125 people and revenues exceeding £55M per annum
Michael Howard
Chief Executive Maris Interiors
I met Peter after a speaking engagement about 5 years ago. It was so invigorating that I just had to subscribe and become a part of "The Achievers Edge" family. 5 years later I still feel that way.

Every month new ideas, an injection of positive thinking, and optimism grounded in usable ideas. Specifics? Peter's advice on planning over the longer term, countless tips from guest speakers, the double prioritised to-do list; they're woven in to my life these days.
Richard McDougal
As a subscriber to Peter's audio programme 'The Achievers Edge' I have gained numerous ideas and tips on how to achieve more success both in my personal and business life.

His practical and thought provoking messages inspired me to start my own web site and share my own ideas and experiences with small business owners worldwide. His motivational and inspirational prompts have led me to achieve great things in my life. I unreservedly recommend you listen and take action on Peter's ideas and advice.
Robert Warlow
Peter Thomson is one of the most eloquent, persuasive and thought provoking communicators that we've had the privilege to work with at Nightingale-Conant.

Not only does Peter show you new and different ways of thinking about success, but he delivers his ideas in "ready-made" practical form—making it easy for our customers to apply in their lives right away. Our best-selling program with Peter, The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Communicators, has received top "customer satisfaction" ratings from our clients.

Our all-new program with Peter, The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Achievers, is like a "modern day Think and Grow Rich" and has been anticipated for months.
Dan Strutzel
Vice President Publishing Nightingale Conant USA
I can totally recommend tgiMondays and membership of the Achievers Club. Since I started feeding my brain with positive messages and taking Peter's advice, (I think I started subscribing to the Achiever's Edge in 1999) I have risen from the ranks of Sales Executive right through to Managing Director and the Company has gone from £3M per annum to £25M this year (and returning a stunning bottom line).

It hasn't all been down to Peter's expert guidance – but he certainly has given me an Edge which has enabled us to outsmart the competition many times.

Thank you for everything!
Peter Ballard
I cannot begin to fully quantify the benefits that I have accrued through working with your products. It all started eight years ago when seeing you personally deliver some of your tried and tested systems, I actually started to take action and implement a number of your ideas.

As you know I have three thriving businesses and a million pounds property in Stratford-upon-Avon. I sold a business a couple of years ago for £2,500,000. I can say without a doubt that these things would not have happened without using the PTI systems and your great ideas. Even better things are about to follow! I know that anyone who takes action can achieve so much more by following your processes.

Most pleasing is the benefit of passing the enhanced knowledge gained through the personal and business development to those close to me in life, my family, friends, clients and team members. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you so very much
Mark Allen
Managing Director Squosh Software Limited
I have been an ' Achievers Edge' subscriber for around 4 years now and have found the material invaluable. I always find the monthly issues interesting and useful, picking out areas that are relevant to me now

As well as know that I am building an archive of back issues that allow me to 'dip' into them in the future.

I very much look forward to the guest interviews as they provide fascinating insights into how other people have made a success of themselves, and often offer more than a book or audio programme, as you are asking questions and getting responses that are relevant for your subscribers.

I have also benefited immensely from the audio extracts, as this section has introduced me to many audio programmes that I would never otherwise have considered buying through more traditional medium.

This is because, being able to listen to 20 mins or so allows you to quickly make up your mind as to whether you'd benefit from the rest of the programme. Much of my audio library has been built on hearing extracts from the 'Achievers Edge'.

I would highly recommend the ' Achievers Edge' for anyone who is serious about developing themselves in any area of this wonderful thing called life!
Marc Carter
The Achievers Edge has provided me with great inspiration and advice on how to grow my new business. It allows me to share in the knowledge of Peter Thomson and other leading successful business leaders who would not normally be available to me. The Achievers Edge is an excellent business tool offering great advice and fresh ideas to meet the day to day and long term challenges of running a business and ones life.
Tom Murray FCMA
Managing Director - Profit Partners Ltd
I have been a subscriber to the Achievers Edge for 7½ since you first started the series. I remember then being attracted to the Monthly magazine on Tape because I could listen to it in the Car and was spending around 7 hours per day travelling at that time. Working in sales I soon found a number of ideas that have helped me over the years and I remember an early series on "Change" which made an impact on me. Since then I have always tried to adapt to change positively and as a result I have been promoted a number of times and currently hold a job that I have been after for some years. There have been many ideas over the years that have given me that "edge" and have helped me be "ahead of the game" if you will excuse the cliché. I have used a number of your ideas and also ideas from your guests to good effect and could probably use more.

One particular life changing feature early in 1997 stood out for me was about limiting our "Exposure" if I recall correctly to financial risk. I remember you making the point about being prepared for the unexpected and reducing our reliance on one critical income to pay our debts etc. Well since then and after purchasing a number of programmes from Nightingale Conant I hope to pay off my mortgage this year, eight years after I first made the decision to pay it off early. From a financial point of view I have taken your advice and that of John Commuta, Bob Procter and Robert Kiyosaki and I am sure that we will benefit from it in the future as well as my children who have watched our circumstances change. We are better organised for the constant possibility of "re-engineering". However, it is interesting that as I have increased my adaptability and flexibility and at the same time have become more prepared I am given bigger assignments and have just taken on another role which should keep my thoroughly busy for the next three years.

Each month I look forward to your envelope arriving with my monthly dose of positive thinking and ideas.

One thing remains important to me and that is the monthly Achievers Edge. Please keep up the good work and you may not know it but you have had a substantial impact on my career and our wealth.

Finally, I am not sure where this thought came from that I have used successfully in Sales Training, the thought is that before we can "Earn" we must "Learn". Clearly placing the "L" in front of "Earn" demonstrates how our earning potential is limited only by our ability to learn. Education really is the Key!
Richard Vis
I always like listening to your programme. I find them interesting, informative and uplifting. A lot of what we hear from day to day in the media is bad news and doom and gloom, your programmes are a change from that.

I know that listening to your programmes and other various Nightingale Conant programmes is definitely life improving, if you use the ideas. In my case it is in a lot of subtle ways as apposed to specifics. For example, when dealing with people and certain situation, I can 'hear' certain people's voices and quotes from the programmes in my head. These lead me to behave and react/respond in different and better ways.
Ian Popplewell
The Achievers Edge continually provides thoughts and ideas that produce positive and effective change in my work and social life. It is the single best source of business, psychology and self development in an easily digested format.

It is the first publication that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in self improvement.

Bob Caren
Peter Thomson is a business person who enthusiastically embraces every aspect of business in which he is engaged. That enthusiasm is embodied in his skills as an accomplished author, masterful interviewer, and presenter par excellence All these attributes and more he brings to his monthly business and personal development audio programme, 'The Achiever's Edge'.

If you are a budding entrepreneur – grab The Achievers Edge with both hands.

If you are already a successful entrepreneur (and aim to stay that way) The Achievers Edge will supply great ideas to help keep you ahead of the field.

If you are neither of the above but perhaps a cog, large or small, on the corporate business wheel, beset by endless board and committee meetings and ponderous decision making to name but a few, then seize The Achievers Edge for the breath of fresh air that it will undoubtedly prove to be, filled with independent thinking, constructive ideas, business nous and a total absence of hierarchical presumption.

Worth its subscription for the monthly interview alone.
Martin Tunstall
I am writing to express how I have achieved my goals through The Achiever's Edge. I have been a subscriber for 7 years and started as a shopkeeper. I am now the Neath Town Mayor and have been since June 2004.

I feel that all my success has been achieved by the ideas I learned in The Achiever' Edge and I will continue to be a subscriber for the rest of my life.
G Singh
Town Mayor
The Achiever's Edge audio package is a superb programme - I have found it to be tremendously useful and very practical. Each month it is full of great ideas that can be put to immediate use.
Kevin Whiltshire
Peter, we were in the car driving home from work and I have to tell you, the Achiever's Edge is just wonderful, it has given me so much to think about for my business and we are always eager to implement the latest ideas you come up with. Phenomenal.
Marcus de Maria
Peter's product creation workshop quite simply removes any excuses you are making to yourself for failing to make money from products. Those new to product creation need not fear - as no experience is necessary. He shares both the knowledge you need and gives you the tools to get started. More experienced marketers will not be disappointed. Just one of his tried and tested tips could save you years of experimentation and frustration, not to mention many times the ticket price. If you are serious about making money from products, you need to attend.
Pete Bennett
I was very skeptical that I was capable of making and marketing my own products. It seemed too daunting, overwhelming and mission impossible. The information, strategies, exercises and Peterisms have turned it into a "I can't wait too and don't stop me now I'm having such a good time.
Marcia Gladwin
An excellent course packed to bursting with useful strategies, hints and tips. If you're serious about making money from creating your own products then you should definitely attend this practical down-to-earth course.
Helen Leach
First hour alone was worth the course and every other hour was at least as good. Thanks a million Peter and team.
Mark Bristow
I've had a great time, learning how to take my ideas to market. The course was ver precise and informative. I feel it represents great value the money thank you.
Paul Ribbons
I now know that I can create and sell product, and make money from it.
Simon Davies
Although I do force myself to read books, for me audio learning is far the most easiest and cost effective method of taking in information, especially when driving long distance when I will take the three most recent tapes and play them with rest gaps, between sides listening to the radio. I find the variety of monthly topics interesting, applicable and very much relevant to business today; especially where nothing in what we do is entirely predicable.

The first program I listened too was your 4th tape many years ago. I now have a big pile of tapes and for the cost of two cups of coffee a week ("the latte factor" investment index) I get access to a lot of information, peoples experiences and the opportunity to put new ideas in to practice.

On reflection I have also purchased many of the audio programs and books by Achiever's Edge guests – their work I find a great resource that I use to help me, my colleagues or friends.

The personal touch is very important, it is comforting and many of the ideas taken from the program have worked very well for me in business, my personal life and in helping others especially young people looking at starting out in business.
Paul Unger
This programme is packed with fantastic ideas inspiring my imagination to produce more and more inspiring products.
Michael Snuggs
There was so much information, help, tips and great details which was shared. It excelled beyond my expectations. I have all the resources I need!
Vanessa Barker
Could it be that I am the only Environmental Health Officer subscribing to "The Achiever's Edge"? If any of my colleagues around the country do also subscribe, I bet I have been receiving it for the longest time. I still have all the tapes neatly filed, the first being tape ten of volume one! They are not just filed and forgotten of course because I do still dip into them from time to time to jog my memory or retrieve a particular snippet. I first became a subscriber when I was running my own consultancy and continued even when I returned to working full time in Local Government over six years ago because I found your monthly offerings so interesting and helpful. Whilst my qualifications and experience cover a wide range of subjects, I have specialised in Health and Safety since 1997. Although employed as an enforcement officer, my real work has revolved around providing advice and guidance - much of it to new and fledgling businesses. Because good business practice and people's general attitude are so closely linked to good health and safety, I often find that I am including elements of your guidance in my conversations. I do not just deal with small businesses however - even the world famous Cheltenham Racecourse, and The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham have benefited from some of your ideas! I have also taken many of your suggestions to heart, building an impressive though as yet unpublished collection of health and safety hints and tips numbering over three thousand, and getting up one hour early every day (well nearly every day!) to write about health and safety matters. Inspired by your general approach, I took the bull by the horns when approached by my local diocese of the Church Of England last year for "a bit of advice" on asbestos and landed up writing a detailed guidance manual aimed at helping churchwardens and others to comply with the legislation at considerably lower cost than calling in a "professional", many of whom are anything but. Self publishing the manual and attending to its printing and distribution have all stemmed from past items in The Achievers Edge and have certainly ensured that it was available far more speedily than by other means even if it has entailed a lot more work. And all of it in my "spare time" - time which I would not even have realised was available but for your insights. On reflection, I wonder why I have never contacted you personally before and have no ready explanation although I have been known to phone your office to check that tapes are on their way from time to time - I must be keen! David Vosper MCIEH
Peter is a master of his craft, a true communicator and an inspiration. Steve had some powerful thoughts to convey, an excellent rapport builder!
Carl Jarvis
You've raised the bar for me with the quantity and quality of 1st class practical information – This was my first experience of Peter Thomson's organisation – It won't be my last
John Wigham
Thoroughly enjoyable, hugely informative.
Tina Parnell
It's given me the confidence to be creative again. Practical, no nonsense information delivered with humour from a place of a wealth of experience. Many thanks
Jacky Leonard
I knew I would learn a lot and get a lot of valuable information from the workshop, but I wasn't prepared for how confident and excited I would be feeling about creating the content for my product. The process Peter took us through for generating content really does make it so simple to do, and I know now I'll be creating forever
Andy Edwards
Before coming on this workshop I knew that I wanted to create products, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Now I have the confidence to create unlimited material that's good quality. And a full road map on how to put that into products and successfully market it.
Tanya Smith
Thank you for reminding me of what I'd forgotten and for infusing me with new ideas. You're never too old to learn something new.
Duncan Tift
It really opened to my eyes the possibilities of marketing your product! Not something I have understood before although utilising my skill but giving away for very little return!
Sally Lawson
I thought I was commercial…until I met Peter There are a handful of people in my life who have been a positive influence. Peter has been and still is one of those people.In the 7 years I have known Peter I moved from being a practising accountant to a professional speaker and trainer. When I started I used to charge a fee ,which didn't reach 4 figures. With Peter's help, coaching, cajoling and even pushing that figure now have a 4 in front of it.Peter inspires you to be the best you can be at a price, which is sensible. He shows you it is all about value to the client not the hourly rate or what you think it worth.When Peter says, "Your fee is too low" …listen to him and then take action. It is only your self-imposed limiting beliefs that stop you being paid what you are truly worth.
Will Kintish, UK leading authority on networking skills
An excellent course packed full of practical ideas that will teach anyone to create, produce and sell info products successfully.
Sanjay Shah
Whether you want to find your creativity, or implement it, this course is for you! Tons of information, practical experience and proven tried and tested systems. This is excellent stuff you cannot fail to make money with.
Billy Harvey
As a real novice in this area, I did think this workshop might be over my head. I couldn't have been more wrong. Peter made it simple, gave great advice, the stories painted such a picture that I believe I can really do this. It turns out it's not as hard as it looks. The templates make it easy to take away and you know exactly what you have to do, not just theory. Excellent.
Barbara Tift
I personally believe The Achievers Edge is one of the most powerful inspirational / motivational programmes I have come across, to the extent...... where I can not wait for it to hit my mat each month, there are so many ideas that I have taken from these programmes which have empowered my business and personal life".
Robbie DJ Atherton
Sales Director Hair Products
Brilliant – Putting ideas into an actionable template. Lots of fun and really good content throughout the whole course. If I can't be successful in product development after this – I don't know what would work. This is great! I now have the power to be successful (and expertise)
Wendy Howard
Just 8 ideas which will make me an extra £500 would have paid for this twice over. As it turned out I learned at least 20 ideas that will make that every month forever. Genius.
Dave Shillito
The best that is in me can now come out!
Brian Gibb
As a founder Achiever's edge subscriber I look forward to my copy every month.

It is packed full of great ideas as well as some fantastic interviews with current "Movers and Shakers" and excellent exerts from motivational audio programmes.

As a result of a recent section by Peter on how to write a book or plan a seminar I am now engaged with an agent and have started writing my first book. Peter's advice here has been invaluable.

All in all, a great source of advice, motivation, ideas and inspiration all for such a small sum. What a bargain!
Brian Burns
Great seminar
Colin Needham
As a real novice in this area, I did think this workshop might be over my head. I couldn't have been more wrong. Peter made it simple, gave great advice, the stories painted such a picture that I believe I can really do this. It turns out it's not as hard as it looks. The templates make it easy to take away and you know exactly what you have to do, not just theory. Excellent.
Barbara Tift
I've been receiving Achievers Edge for many years now and the number of sales, marketing and promotional ideas I've got from it has been amazing. There's something in every issue to pay for the subscription many times over.

I took just one idea from one issue...used it on my website, and generated £5,750 in extra sales in the first week.

Anyone who runs a business, and doesn't make money from what they hear on the Achievers Edge is either not listening...or not acting on what they hear.
John Harrison
Streetwise Publications
The workshop has reignited my passion to succeed. I am more determined and confident than ever that I have developed an amazing product ready to market. Now I have the tools to market using Peter's proven "template" for success.
Simon Teague
This has been a turning point for me. Packed with valuable and relevant detail and delivered with sincerity and generosity. Everyone would benefit from attending.
Marusja Harasymiw
Peter has helped me focus so much on what I already know but wasn't applying. I've come away with great clarity of thought for putting this into practice rapidly.
Susie Heath
Wow! What a whirlwind of mind blowing information that is sure to make a dramatic difference to my business. Peter captivates his audience and is a genius at what he does. I would recommend anyone to experience what I have; thank you Peter.
Audrey Spearing
...a monthly dose of thought provoking ideas for work and home. Ideal for setting the mind in positive mode on the drive to work. A stimulating counter to driver fatigue on long journeys

I certainly find the last sentence particularly useful. Radio and music make me drowsy but not the Achiever's Edge!
Simon Browne
I expected a good course but it was better than that. Peter demolished my blocks and excuses. I know I can make it happen now.
Michael V C
Lots of valuable information to take me to the next level and as importantly the other people I met and the new partnerships created as a result of this weekend – the best is yet to come.
Masha Malka
Excellent course; thoroughly enjoyable, learnt so much.
Chris Webb
Peter's knowledge, passion and commitment to the mastery of his trade are beyond any other self-help leader I've come across to date. The training is priceless. Peter is an extraordinarily generous man with his time and knowledge and his willingness to help others.
Karl Dawson
Warm approachable team helped me to 'buzz' with ideas. It felt good to be so creative. Thank you.
Rebeka Roberts
I always look forward to receiving 'The Achiever's Edge' each month. Apart from the enormous variety of helpful articles, the great thing is that all the ideas have been 'tried and tested' in the real world, which is much more useful than receiving material which is good in theory and might or might not work in practice.
Colin Treacher
Great workshop! Thank you.
Bernadene Canning
Practical ideas that will get you started today!
David Knowles Leak
Excellent course – I believe Peter has all the tools you need to multiply the profits of your business so much – and even more.
Steven McGeown
John Canning
Peter and the team deliver – fact! This is a truly inspirational experience.
Martin Cornes
As a guest of my husband I found the workshop very inspiring and could see the impact it had on those around me. I would recommend it without hesitation.
Heather Cornes
As ever thought-provoking, exciting, energising giving me the fuel to fire the energy to take my business to the next level. Thanks for the weekend it was awesome.
Doug Green
As a Training Manager, I have used many of the ideas from The Achiever's Edge in training courses and coaching sessions. I particularly remember the extremely powerful story of the Mexican Fisherman. I've used the story several times - at work and with friends - to help others see things in context. Another great idea was featured in last month's edition - the idea for conveying the power of demonstrations using the strap-line, "Don't tell me how funny you are; just make me laugh." This is one that I will definitely use in the future.

In addition to the many great ideas, another benefit of the Achiever's Edge is that it helps keeps my mind tuned for continual learning and trying new things.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants more out of life - at work and at home, as well as those interested in their own personal development.

Thanks for producing such a great life-support tool!!!
Steve Blake
Training Manager
The energy, enthusiasm and the sheer generosity of Peter and his team demonstrated during the two days was awesome!
Lorne Mitchell
The course was organised and professional. It took me out of my comfort zone which has put different areas of my life into perspective.
Susie Mitchell
If you need to learn about business and success you need to learn from the best. Peter is one of those people.
Paul Thwaite
I feel the course is amazing value and covered more than I expected and would urge anyone to participate as I know it's going to make a huge impact in my life and it will in yours. Many thanks again Peter.
Ben Davidson
Loads of information that will be extremely useful. Peter is an inspiration but full of humility. We were made to feel that our success is very important Peter and his team. I would recommend this course only to proactive people that need guidance.
Dale S
Excellent! Stuck for words – how ironic but – thank you.
Chris Williams
I'm glad I took up the offer to attend this two-day workshop. It is amazing and incredible what I've learnt. I also met some dedicated delegates and I promise that I will use my experience here is a turning point in my life and change the direction of my life for the good and the better and the best thank you.
Fatima Nuzhath
The energy, enthusiasm and the sheer generosity of Peter and his team demonstrated during the two days was awesome!Lorne Mitchell
Lorne Mitchell
Many thanks for creating 'The Achiever's Edge', I always look forward to its arrival. It's given me a huge amount of knowledge and inspiration over the years, in relation to business and personal aspects. I've purchased a number of other really useful programmes too, brought to my attention through 'The Edge'. Again, many thanks!
John East
A great weekend full of ideas which will help my business in many more ways than I thought possible. Peter has a lovely relaxed style which makes listening to him a real pleasure.
Simon Rollings
This course was so very worthwhile. Fantastic and practical and useful information. I invested time and money and was repaid in multiples. Lovely people professionally presented. Thank you.
Moira O'Reilly
I came with a great idea in chaotic fashion and I'm leaving with a great idea with the system, structure and the tools to put it all together and be successful.
Robert Djemil
The course was totally absorbing; full of humour, energy, wisdom and practical ways of achieving a successful information business. All the components were covered in the course. The backup staff and Peter were brilliant and friends were made.
Peter Cale
Thanks Peter for a fantastic weekend. Your passion, integrity and great practical ideas are superb. Great to learn from someone who walks the talk.
Mark B
I have been a subscriber of The Achiever's Edge for 7½ years and I think I have found something that is really good value for money. I use ideas from the programme in my business and private life and I like the Personal Development and the Guest Presenter sections.

I have found for example the 'checkerboard system' very useful in keeping records of contacts with customers. The series of Nancy Slessenger on 'how to deal with difficult people' helped me a lot in private life as well. The programs are interesting, useful and sometimes also good fun. I still remember the puzzles about the three bulbs in one room and the others.

I recommend The Achievers Edge to all my colleagues and friends
Tibor Cserep
Why spend years working this out for yourself when Peter can show you the way.
Mark Nugent
I came without a product. I left knowing that (in fact) I had an incredible one and how to make it successful. Peter is simply awesome.
James Wright
A great course and real value for money.
John Holman
Brilliant. I wish I had known about this information years ago. I believe my income could be 10 times what it is now.
Val Plummer
I attended one event where Peter was speaking and this follow up workshop as a result of purchasing the Product Creation Workshop Home Study Course. I have learnt more from him than I did from college or training courses. His generosity, over delivery and abundance mentality is a testament to his prosperity. Thank you
Noreen Makosewe
As you know I have been a subscriber and ardent fan of Achievers Edge for some years now. I have learned so much over the years and grown in confidence. One thing I have learned is to keep my mind open and alert, read lots and then read lots more. Look at how others have grown, look at their mistakes and most important look at the way they NEVER give up no matter how much the world seemed to be against them. I listen over and over again to past tapes when I am alone or in the car constantly picking up something new each time. In my own life, I took on the care of my very ill their death both within the past 11 months...left my secure job and gave 100% to care and love of 2 people who gave me everything throughout my life that was moral and good.

Rather than waste my days, along with my husband we created, wrote and now publish a brand new Glossy magazine which is now on its 3rd issue and will be officially launched at a celebrity evening next Tuesday 1st February.

Peter, a few years back I would have looked at the situation as giving up a career, but having listened to you and your wonderful guest speakers I automatically thought, ..great, this is my new challenge to change direction and achieve something new. The new venture is a tribute to my parents' belief and support and also a tribute to your advice and teachings.
Roisin Hall
Peter sets you free from pre conceived ideas and beliefs
Norman Plummer
Peter's training is practical, down to earth and simple to implement. Added to that, Peter's style is like being in your own stand-up show all day! Thank you again – always massive value.
Diana Barden
Peter creates a comfortable workshop which is relaxed and involving and light bulb invoking all at the same time – a model session. Very enjoyable.
Roy MacMillan
I always find the Achiever's Edge to be truly MOTIVATIONAL in every way:

Necessary (or would you prefer "nourishing" or "noteworthy"?!)

The monthly tape is now an integral part of my routine - an hour's walk with my 3 Dogs, listening to the latest "Achiever's Edge" - they seem to benefit from it, too!
John Eaton
Great day – full of how and what hints you need to bring your product to market
Mike Burge
Thank you so much, it's been very insightful. I will recommend you to anyone relevant. I feel able to go away and go for it now.
Beverley Carson
It's great to give you some feedback after all the ideas I have benefited from over the years as an Achiever's Edge subscriber.

I can't wait to get it every month and I eagerly play it on my journeys around the M25 or my trips to Birmingham. (The university on wheels)

In particular I just love the interviews with people. Even Paul Daniels was great and I never thought I would learn about business from him. How wrong!

The monthly CDs are a great concept and the bit about some Nightingale Conant programmes is a great preview (try before you Buy) concept.

Two ideas which are part on my personality now are:

(1)  Average order value, average frequency of purchase and increase the number of customers! This had        made me money as well as others!

(2)  Action is the key!
Mike Jones
Peter is an excellent fun teacher who lives what he shares. Living proof of what is possible. Thank you
Joe Best
Peter is fun, ecstatic, amazing at helping us realise our unique selves and helping us implement our ideas. Thank you
Sharon Holdstock